Is Basal Body Temperature effective?

August 17, 2007 11:38pm CST
Have you tried using basal body temperature to know if you're ovulating? is it really effective. Can you also recommend a effective site that i can use to know my ovulation period? thanks!
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@peanutjar (5200)
• Canada
18 Aug 07
Basal body temperature works!Thats how we planned my daughter.In the morning before you get out of bed,take your temperature and then mark it on a sheet.When one morning it rises by 1-2 degrees, your ovalating.Lets just say for example,my temperature was always at 36.1 c then one morning its 36.9 it means your beginning your ovulation,then its 37.0 c,its the highest peak(most fertile time).I know this routine by heart and it does work because i can tell anyone ,i know the exact time my daughter was conceived!.Every morning before getting out of bed(lying down taking your temperature in your mouth of course,dont move around and DONT forget to mark it......try it and get back to me with some good news!.
• Philippines
18 Aug 07
thank you peanutjar! i will let you know :)
@nmw2005 (1197)
• United States
21 Aug 07
I charted and manged to get pregnant the first month. My husband and I had been trying for well over 1 1/2 years, so I do think charting works. I used a few web site and bought a book.
• United States
20 Aug 07
It works for me, and I am extremely irregular. I tried the Billings Ovulation method but couldn't really get the hang of it, so I started taking my temperature. My sister-in-law told me about it. She has been charting for a long time, and found out from the temperature fluctuation that she has a hormone imbalance. They haven't conceived yet, but they have some other medical obstacles reducing their chances.