are you concern about the global warming? how can you help?

global warming - global warming refer to the rise in the Earth temperature resulting from an increase of trapping gases in the atmosphere
@jcyap888 (721)
August 18, 2007 9:43am CST
i plant trees to trap gases,smoke that would contribute global warming! and stop burning garbage!
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@kimthedane (1000)
• Denmark
18 Aug 07
We should all be extremely concerned about global warming and i sure am. Not for myself but for the ones who come after me. I first heard of this issue more than 20 years ago and in all them years it has been ignored and we have continued poluting everything in nature that we come by. It will be the biggest challenge to solve for the next generation. All respect for you to do our own bits to protect the world. Imyself dont do anything else but being very concious about the energy resourses that i am using and where i can avoid it will do so.
@jcyap888 (721)
• Philippines
19 Aug 07
yes of course we should be concern on our global system now look, the water are drying, the hot weather that affect so much to us!