How do you choose who to be your friend?

@Faye88 (1009)
August 18, 2007 11:47am CST
What do you look for when making friend?What do you consider when you decided not to friend that person?
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@EZhang (165)
• Singapore
18 Aug 07
For one, when someone requested to be my friend on MyLot, I really take it as a compliment that I can enrich their lives somehow. We might not even chat, talk, exchange email or message another, but yet your discussion or response might be of use to them. Just a while ago, I had posted a lot of responses to discusions concerning friendships. True they may not be my friends on MyLot, but I would sincerely hope that whatever I had posted down might be of help or experience pointers to them. And no, I would definitely not view the profile in the name of screening the person in detail. I would reject pening friends request if the profile page stated something like "Looking for a friend to get high" or something similar like that. But all in all, I view every frienship that come my way as sincere.
@sunshinecup (7871)
18 Aug 07
I pick my friends by several steps. 1) I go to their profile Everything in here is where I will make my decision from. 2) I look to see what posts of mine they replied to. IMO a great offer to show one wants your friendship is to at least post to one of their discussions before sending out an invite. Ok if they have not I am “ify” at this point. 3) I look to see what posts of theirs I have replied to. If they have not replied to any of my posts, I see if I replied to one of theirs and is that why they are sending me an invite. If I have not, then I decline. If one of two has happened, I move to step 4 4) I look to see how many friends they have. If they have more friends than posts or have over a 150, this screams spammer to me or friend collector, and I will not accept. If looks fine I go to step 5. 5) I check how long they have been a member. New members that are going to leave will do so within a month to two months time. So I will not accept anyone less than 3 months of being a member. This just saves me from removing so many inactive members from my list later. If they meet this one, I move to step 6 6) I read what discussion they have started and how often. This is tricky, if they post too many posts in a days time, I won’t accept because that means there are here for points only, but if they only post once in a blue moon I won’t accept either because then they are not very active members. So it’s got to be a good amount. Then I look to see if I have any interest in what they post. If not, no since in wasting their time or mine, I decline. That is it. I have learned to be very picky over friends. For two reasons, one some will spam the fire out of you and two I respond to them first, so I don’t want to waste time searching through posts to find something to reply to.
@friendship (2084)
• Canada
18 Aug 07
Sorry, I won't tell you what my criteria to make friends (LOL). Otherwise, someone can pretend to fulfill my criteria but later on, he/she is not fit with me. In other words, he/she can't become a good friend.
@jazmin08 (173)
• Philippines
18 Aug 07
well for me i dont really choose who's gonna be my friend coz i like talking to people and those people i talked to and makes an instant connection with me becomes my friend and most of the times he or she became my deepest friends so i think the people who have the same interest and beliefs as you will definetely become your friend.
• Malaysia
18 Aug 07
I look for the word F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.P. to the respective meanings. That is my key of deciding. Make friend to that person for 99 days and appraise accordingly to the respective meanings for 85% passing mark. The next 100th day is my decision day. So you can have you own definition for what is F, let say F for Friendly. Does he friendly to you? If friendly to you, give him 11% for him. and next is R, what is R you want him to depend on you, because you are the one who is going to decide for your own DECISION MAKING SYSTEM.