Alli Without The Treatment Effects

United States
August 18, 2007 12:04pm CST
I've seen many posts on various forums about the unpleasant effects people are having while on Alli and just want to clear things up for everyone. If you are having the unpleasant oily side effects, IT'S YOUR FAULT! It is clearly stated on the Alli website and in the information booklets how to use the pill properly. Consumers simply need to read and follow directions. The Alli pill works by preventing some of the fat in the foods you eat from being absorbed into the body. The fat that is not being absorbed is passed in your stool. When you eat too much fat it will still be passed in the stool however, it will cause your stool to be loose and sometime lead to oily gas. Without the Alli in your system your body will just breakdown and absorb the fat. Alli is not a miracle diet pill, you need to eat a well balanced reduced calorie and reduced fat diet. In order to be successfully on Alli and avoid the nasty side effects you need to maintain the following caloric and fat intake(please refer to the handbook to determine your caloric intake): 1200calories/39gram of fat a day 1400calories/48grams of fat a day 1600calories/54grams of fat a day 1800calories/60grams of fat a day For those times when you have not stuck to your diet it is helpful to wear a thin maxi pad to avoid embarrassing moments. Like any diet it takes time and effort to work. When you put in the effort you will see results.
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