Is religion good or bad?

August 19, 2007 3:25am CST
In my opinion, religion keeps people divided. How? Most religions have the same structures: Believe or suffer, with FEAR being the motivational factor. To date, there is no religion that can boast of undisputed FACTS. However, this is easily covered up by one word: FAITH and it is also one of the most effective ways to CONTROL one's thoughts and actions. This is an EXTRAORDINARY method of executing MENTAL SLAVERY.
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• Canada
19 Aug 07
Those are some pertinent observations about 'religion,' tsitra100! I don't know that anyone can dispute what you've said, however, one could take on a different perspective about the 'control factor' you introduced, I think. What if people were to LEARN about 'religion,' rather than run from it? Most people that I have known who have been manipulated through religion have been ignorant about what their 'selected' religion says about the world and life, in general. In this, those with more power than they were able to force ideas and fearful words upon the ones who did not understand religion. If people were to make a general study into a few religions and come to understand the structures that are held within certain denominations and such, then people would be better able to protect themselves from those who would execute mental slavery. I could be wrong about this, but the more that I learn about religion, the safer I feel against those who would push a God of THEIR CHOICE down my throat! A study of the principles behind Jainism, Taoism, Various Christian sects, Native Spirituality and even Wicca helps me understand the motivations of those who call themselves Jains, Taoist, Christian, Sundancers and Witches, however, I do not have to become a Jain, Taoist, Christian, Sundancer or Witch myself. Do you think I am on the right track at all here, tsitra100? I just think that the more 'religion' is pushed away by those that fear religion without understanding it - the easier it is for certain people to use religion as a weapon against those who fear religion. Would it be better for people to arm themselves at least with some knowledge about things that others might use against them?
• Barbados
19 Aug 07
When approaching any topic you must first have an open mind, study it carefully then make a conclusion based on facts not opinions. Religions are based on beliefs, therefore a conclusion cannot be met based on what you believe but ONLY on what you know.
• India
20 Aug 07
if one understands the workings of this practical world, and human nature, religion is very helpful. its from ONE GOD, for one humanity and it's only one religion but only with updates. like the internet. love, apple.
• India
19 Aug 07
Bad!!! Yes it is. Religion divides u from the others creating barriers. Im against this n i think all religions r d same n sholud b one. I would contribute all ma might in this regard.