hAVe yuO WatCheD Heroic Age, yEt?

Anime Heroic Age - Anime Heroic Age, A New Mecha anime from Japan.
August 19, 2007 3:55am CST
Not long time ago(3 weeks ago:) I heard about a new Anime series called Heroic Age, I watched the first eps and was "hooked" to the anime, now I can't wait for the next epsisode to come out next weekXD Heroic Age is like Gundam, and Code Geass. There are currently 20 episodes and a new relas every week. I was going to explain what it was about But..What a better explanation than watching the first episode? Watch it:P Here is a link to Episode 1, in English Subs:) If You like it Reply on what you think of the Anime. http://stage6.divx.com/Wholesome-Anime-Shows/video/146988/Heroic-Age-episode-1-subbed-by-Kuro-Hana Hopefully the link is working(Can't paste anyhtingXD and I wrote it, Usure if I wrote it right, even thought I re-checked it 3 timesXD:)
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