yes, i have WON $10,000

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August 19, 2007 8:37am CST
recently i receive a mail from the that my mail id is randomly choosen for the cash prize of $10,000 and now they are asking me for my bank acount no. i thought this might be risky thats why i had not given my bank account no. should i give or not my no. what do you think..............
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@shyam4uall (1002)
• India
19 Aug 07
NEVER EVER ..reply to such mails who claims that you have won a jackpot and the need to you forward your bank details so that they can deposit the credit to your account..IT IS TOTALLY a ..fake mail or rather you can say a spam these means they get your bank details and other personal details ..and can make u go bankrupt..
20 Aug 07
ok friend i will not reply but plz tell me how can they deposit credit to my account just by knowing my account no. i will follow ur guidence thanx 4 ur suggestions
@apsara60 (6611)
• Israel
19 Aug 07
I have got similar mail about lotto winning of about $5,55,000.00 from some international company and said that I should contact china bank, and also give my full details together with bank account. I wrote to them I am not giving any account number, they can transfer the money to my paypal account. There was no reply after that. You should also ask them to send by check system.......never give our Bank account.......they are not trustable at all.
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20 Aug 07
thanx a lot dear friend for your valuable support i will ask them for cheque and then tell you the updated news....
@Hatley (164226)
• Garden Grove, California
24 Feb 08
no no no never give your bank account to anyone you do not know. anylegitimate person who wants to send you a big hunk of money will not ask for your bank account number or any other personal business info of yours. I fell for one of these things once until they asked for x number of dollars to claim my prize then i just told them off. Now I just delete and laugh about becoming a millionare
• India
21 Feb 08
They are spams and they will loot you of your money an even life. So be cautious while replying to these types of mails
@vkstcp (66)
20 Aug 07
no no dear never give ur acc no.