eww..i swallowed a little vomit when i burped..yuck!

August 19, 2007 9:14am CST
sometimes when i burp, a little vomit goes up my throat and i swallow it..eww..can't help it..i mean what else could i possibly do? spit it out? i might vomit even more. i know you've also experienced this right? and it really really tastes bad..yuck! very gross..
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@faith210 (11233)
• Philippines
21 Aug 07
Hi josan181237! Oh you're right, that is gross! haha.. However, even how gross it is, it does happen to me sometimes especially when I eat a lot. And I could not really spit it out because it just goes back so sudden that it really makes you feel so yucky with yourself. LOL! Take care and have a nice day!
• Philippines
22 Aug 07
yeah it happens so quickly and it leaves a bitter taste to your mouth. yuck! lol =)
@icyorchid (2564)
• United States
13 Mar 08
I agree with faith, this happens to me and the fact that it doesn't come all the way up. It is mostly on a full stomach too, so for those of us this happens too, maybe we need to not eat too much. lol It could also be signs of acid indigestion too. So be cautious.
• Argentina
19 Feb 08
That happens to me sometimes but it's a very little amount of vomit...i don't know how to explain D: it's like it doesn't really leave the troat...does that make sense? XD I can't explain that feeling i get but anyway i just swallow it as i get the feeling trying to spit it out would make it worse (it does taste really bad!)