Juvenile violation of probation

@1lucy2 (14)
United States
October 26, 2006 12:29pm CST
What is the standard punishment for a 17 year old who has violated probation? My son was on probation for pot and when the probation officer came to the house more pot was found. My son shares a room with my 19 year old nephew. The pot was under my nephews bed as well as pornographic magazines, which is also a violation of probation. They claimed it all belonged to my son since he was on probation. He was on probation in one county and living in another so when they found the pot they called the sheriffs department for the county he was living in and they placed him in the county jail. He most likely wont get a trial until next year and when he is released they will send him back to the county where he was originally placed on juvenile probation. I am just wondering if he will then be considered an adult and be placed in prison for the violation or if he will still be considered a minor since his violation actually took place when he was 17.
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