Children and the Caffeine Culture

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August 20, 2007 1:42pm CST
Are you aware that children are drinking more caffiene than any other previous generations...With the introduction of Energy Drink and Pop with increased caffeine. Marketers have created names that pulse with power, such as "Adrenaline Rush", "Beaver Buzz", "Full Throttle" and "Energy Rush". "Red Bull", laced with both caffeine and the pick-me-up herb guarana, hypes its "raw, primal power". In effect, caffeine has become the perfect antidote for youths facing the pressures of todays society. It provides a boost of sociability, enhanced performance and energy. Although this inevitably results in a subsequent droop, this only reinforces the need to have more. But is all this caffeine bad for children? Do you know how much cafeine you child is drinking in a day? Is is a cheap addiction?
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