How I love thee, let me count the ways (Browning)

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August 20, 2007 11:20pm CST
Many could take this the perverted route. How do you take it? I take it as "I love you for many reasons" or "There are many kinds of love." The kinds of love I have felt are first family. I began life loving my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. I grew older and began to know and love friends, then my sister and cousins (I'm the oldest). By first grade, I knew puppy love. By junior high I had learned hate as well, but that's a different discussion. I am the lover of many throughout my life (not in a sl-tty kind of way!!). How many have you loved? Do you know many kinds of love? Do you find it harder to love others as an adult than you did as a child? I do sometimes find it easier to be indifferent to new people rather than love them and get the screws put to me, then on the other hand, there are some people I just cannot help but love...even if it hurts sometimes. Like losing a person considered family because they are no longer with the actual family member. It is easier to try not to get close to them to begin with sometimes, but sometimes it is so hard not to love them for who they are regardless. What do you think?
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@theprogamer (10539)
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23 Aug 07
What the? I didn't even consider perversion with your question Vision. Maybe I'm getting old or something. Anyhoo I've loved plenty of people (each in different degrees, in case someone doesn't get it). I know the love of parents, family, friends, companions, even people online to an extent (yes I feel it). I don't think its that harder to love as an adult than as a child. Sure I have more experiences and examples to guide my love and relationships, but more often than not I can give love, compassion without that much hesitation. It might be slow depending on the situation, but its still there. Yea there are people I still love even though they are gone, it hurts some of the time, other times I feel like they are close by living with me (no I don't need a shrink -_-). As for some family members, yes its possible to not like them, yet still love them. They are the only family you'll get and deep down you can tell they love you, despite their flaws.
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23 Aug 07
hahahaha, programer! Most folks wouldn't consider that a perversion. I just threw that in to keep the trolls at bay. i.e. "I already thought of that, so let's not go there." LOL