Amazing book

United States
August 21, 2007 9:01pm CST
If you haven't already read this book, you need to. It's spectacular. It's written by a young man who just goes by the name of Adam. It's an international bestseller. It's all about self-healing, which I'm really interested in. It's amazing what the human body is capable of. We have the power to heal ourselves, yet we rarely use this gift. I'm looking forward to getting Adam's other two books. He's holding a healing convention in LA early next year and I reallly want to go! I hope I get to. This is something that's very important to me. I have a chronic disease, so obviously anything to do with self-healing I eat up. I strongly advise everyone to seek out this book. I'm sure it's in libraries, but I bought mine on for a really cheap price. Adam also has a DVD out. He not only speaks about self-healing, but about self-empowerment. Definitely check it out!
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