A sad love story

August 21, 2007 10:10pm CST
A girl were raped.So she despair,and she would like to own one of the broken,she could not bear her love of people. So she had to her loved one told a story over the telephone.After listening to the boy,to understand this story,the content and meaning of people.However,he can not be too fast to accept this reality,the boy told the girls,let him think about him 12 hours a day! Girls thought of this outcome,she said smile,good,I give you,but give me 12 hours. Day was barely dawn,the East whispered to a little gray powder.The girls know no hope,seriously to toiletry a bit,watching the sleeping pills,ready to pick up the phone,she had to give uo the many and far too many helpness. At this time,the phone rang,the call from the boy. "I think of a night,I want to tell you"He said. "Needless to say.I know what you want to say,you can say out,I love you?"the girls put sleeping pills down on the hand. "I love you,in fact,this matter is not your fault,you do not want it,this is no way to the matter.I can promise you one request?"Boyish voice sophie. "Sure,I listen,if we can in this very short period of time I could do,I will promise you." "Jinger,we did not get married before,I ask you to hold onto second virginity,OK? "What?"The girl looked at to confuse,virginity is not only a right,how will be the second time? "Yes,the first time you do not want to lose,nor is it your intenton to a person,you can put your second virginity carefully to me,OK?" Bang!Medicine bottles and telephone also lost in the ground,tears glistening girl face along slowly drop down. "Hey,how you?"Boy scared,he dropped everything at once bared to the girl running,he should not lose her that he loved her. So he paths to the girl at the entrance to the housing here.The girl rush forward,holding tight to him.
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