How to improve reading skills

August 22, 2007 5:24am CST
For reading,in China,a lot of parents and teachers like to discuss it.And hope it can help poor students.Today,I'd like to say some for it. Reading skill is one of the best determiners for school success,and yet, most students read poorly or not seem to enjoy rading.even hate to read.How a parent let his reluctant readers enjoy reading?Here some tips. 1.Don't nag.Don't let your child do other things when his reading.Tell him must study wholeheartedly. 2.Be a book lover.if your child hates books,do some specil things for him to like it . 3.Read to your kid or with your kids,especilly when he is very young.And ofen tell him the good habit of reading.
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• Malaysia
22 Aug 07
My father taught me to love reading when I was seven years old. He brought me to the National Library and introduced to me a lot of books. I was very awed at the first experience. I fell in love with books on that very first moment and until now I am very fond of reading. I am very thankful to my father because he let me know the beauty of books and the magic of knowledge. I think encouragement is very important to teach somebody to love reading. That's my opinion on this. Thanks.
@Lotswits (176)
• Hong Kong
23 Dec 10
Great! Encouragement is a key to everything's success.
@herohao (31)
• China
22 Aug 07
Thanks for your advice .
@Malyck (3428)
• Australia
22 Aug 07
I think that improved understanding of the language also helps. Teaching your child to write and about grammar, punctuation, spelling etc will definitely enhance their reading ability. Reading aloud, so that you can help with any of their errors is a great teaching technique. Making reading a fun activity lessens the burden also. Why, may I ask, do you always say 'him'. Do you believe girls are not entitled to read as well?