How long do you take to make a new freind?

August 22, 2007 12:21pm CST
If you see a person and if they have qualities which are very close to mine and there is no ego at all in him/her would you befriend him/her? Or would you take a defenite time to analyse him/her?
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@hlfbldmom (743)
• Philippines
28 Nov 15
When I was in college I easily made friends especially those talkative people sinceI am not that talky so I love talkative ones. I can easily make new friends but I only have few close and trusted friends.
@wonderful1 (2075)
• China
23 Aug 07
i can make a online friend in a day, but in real life it is impossible, there are too many elements affect me. for example, appearance. i like to make a online friend who is ugly, but i don't know his/her appearance. mood, if i'm in good mood, then i like to make a friend with him/her. but i'm in poor mood,i think i can't do it even he is a handsome and rich man or she is a beautiful and good girl.
• India
22 Aug 07
ya surely I will analyse the person first and then take any step.
@trickomm (309)
• Hungary
22 Aug 07
hi if i met with a person and - what you wrote - qualities are very close to mine i start to think about he / she tell me things just for show him / herself good face, or he / she is a good actor. I can make discussion after a lots of meeting, lots of talking etc. but i made a mistake. i had "my best friend" and we go to a rent, paid 50-50. after the first month there was lots of problems with him and it groved and there was lots of fighting (with words, of course). and i gave it up. so, i think you cant say 1 year or 1 month is enough time. if you will in a trouble at the future and he / she helps you and dont wait nothing back... i think this is a real friend