Where to get a free website template ?

August 22, 2007 1:46pm CST
I have been trying to start some online business and for that i need a website .That should be catchy and the content should be wel-positioned and linked . I know a little html only and learning it fully is a stupedous task which i shall never master .Because , it demands sufficient time and energy and perseverence devoted qualitatively . So , i started off with a borrowed site , in fact it is a site provided by one whose program i purchased . SInce i went for the free option for the website set up , the site is one which shall never attract any sign up . I am disillusioned with this . So , i am going to cancel my account with the domain name provider as well as the hosting service provider . After that i shall go for my own website .For that i need a good looking website first . I have already decided the content and links . But i heard there are companies offering web template for free download . However , my searches for that has failed . All of them charge a one time fee , in exchange of which they offer you a great number of web template of free . But i don't need so many templates . I will run one website only . SO for me the one time fee is equivalent to pric e of one template . So , now i am out for search of a totally free template . Can you show me where i shall get one ? Thanks everybody .
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@re08dz (1941)
• Australia
22 Aug 07
I've used free website templates in the past - usually you need to leave a link back to their site somewhere on your page though - just type in free templates in your search and something should come up - there really are a lot of them around the place. You could also use a program like NVU and do your own - there's no need to know any html as it does all that for you (though it's a good way to learn it as you can also open a separate page and see the code etc) NVU is free and you can also find a heap of templates you can download and use.