How often and when do you clean your house?

@dreamy1 (3815)
United States
August 22, 2007 5:24pm CST
I used to be very diligent about cleaning. Growing up we cleaned the house once a week on Saturdays. When I lived with roommates a few years back I cleaned once a week on Wednesdays (my half day at work) Now in the last three years I've been living with my bf I'm lucky if I clean once a month. He is such a slob himself it's totally rubbed off on me (not that I was such a neat freak before but gees!) What about you?
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@digerati (286)
• Philippines
24 Jun 08
hi dreamy1, i just read my room, not the whole house, once a month, and i just clean it when i am in mood or get irritated to the dirt around... not-that-organized, digerati
@eagle_f15 (2051)
• Malaysia
24 Apr 08
I clean my house all the time. Floor is mopped everyday sometimes twice a day. THe kitchen tops are being wiped every day too. Common bathroom (sink and toilet bowl) is washed everyday cos it's the most used. Walls are scrub and washed every 2 days. The other bathroom is washed and scrub twice a week because we keep it dry. I am a clean freak. Cannot stand to see slime on the walls sink and toilet bowl. Floor of house must be clean - no hair, no dust. Just shiny surface.
@raychill (6529)
• United States
22 Aug 07
People think I'm weird because Sunday is my cleaning day. I'm not sure why. We never had cleaning days growing up. My dad would just eventually get mad at all the clutter and clean up whenever it got to that point, but I try not to be like that. I try my best to clean up at least once a week on Sunday. But I usually do the good cleaning maybe once a month. I think as long as it's not cluttered or obviously dirty, you're good with even once a month.
@lightningMD (5931)
• United States
22 Aug 07
i clean the house once a week,usually on Wednesdays. When I was a stay at home mom I did certain chores on certain days. Like laundry on Mondays,baking on Wednesday. Now that I work I clean on my day off.