"Outside the Church there is no salvation."

@ajarca (57)
August 22, 2007 8:58pm CST
In our contemporary society of agnosticism and relativism, it is not rare to find persons, generally with little doctrinal formations, who maintain that "all religions are the same." For them , the only thing that matters in order to be saved is to believe in God and to fulfill one's duties to his neighbors. All other things, like dogma, morals and worship, are just the results of conditioning from different environments and cultures. In short, they say, all religions are the same as long as you practice it in good faith. This old line of thought has been repeatedly rejected by the Magisterium of the Church. The position is called religious indifferentism, and can be formulated as, "Men who live in error and far away from the true faith and the catholic unity can achieve eternal salvation." On the other hand, many other saints and popes have taught otherwise. They made statements throughout the history of the Church usually expressed as "extra ecclesiam nulla salus." Comments?
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
9 Sep 07
If you really study into the only real differences in many religions is the Laws, and the Culture, and the approach to go about things. So I see religions as all worshipping the same. All looking as best as they can thrown the human mind, which is a prism looking at G-d which in this analogy is the sunlight.. Some look at their reflections and understandings of G-d, one sees green, another red, another yellow, another blue. But they are all looking at the same sunlight.. Our minds can only understand of fathom in the same way.. This is how all religions are right, in the eyes of many. Some are able to look beyond the prism and realise this. Others just look at their color and swear they way is the only way and their way is right. - DNatureofDTrain