How far do you go.....

August 23, 2007 12:35am CST
Many supermarkets and beauty shops boast their shops with lots of testers. They range from lipstiks to nail colors to perfumes and make-overs. I am a little shy to try them if I am not purchasing. But,I have seen many people go and try them without intension of buying them. Tell me to what extent do you go with such things.
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• Hong Kong
23 Aug 07
I definitely love to try out different products and if they are on display in the counter, I would go and try them on my hands. The thing is I believe I would eventually spend the money (now or later) if I find the qualities to be amazing. But if I find them not so great, at least I try and I know about it. Besides, I write beauty tips online and have my own product review site and it would be fun to try out different items and let the world know my comments about them. Don't be shy, if they are placing the items there, they are for you to try!
23 Aug 07
Bravo!!! good stuff. let me know about you site on beauty tips. I wanna check it out. thanx.
• Malaysia
23 Aug 07
Besides cosmetic items, some supermarkets also have free sample food and drinks as well. I feel shy to try them. I just walk away even when the promoters ask me to try them.
23 Aug 07
Dont you think we have to toughen up and go ahead try those products. because they are meant to be tested. I find chocolates and cookies the best...haahah
@Nardz13 (5056)
• New Zealand
27 Aug 07
Hi there. When Im out shopping, I do see the testers and the food tasting items, but I have never bothered to stop and try them out, I guess I just want to get my shopping done in the fastest way to get out of the city and back to the beach lol...