Can children ever understand their parents completely?

August 23, 2007 12:42am CST
No.It is hard for parents and children to really understand one another.There does exist a generation gap.And it is even harder for children to understand their parents completely.Parents see their children grow up,see them as they really are.But children know very little about their parents when they are children.It's difficult for them to understan their emotions or intentions,and even the prssures thir parent have to face and the hardships their parents have experienced.
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• Philippines
2 Feb 08
there is always a barrier between parents and children that most people call generation gap. i experience this when i was younger. but when i grew up and became more (somewhat) mature... i begin to slowly,and clearly understand where my parents are coming from. especially when i was able to be in their shoes , and experience what they experienced when they were younger. of course, it would be impossible to have an understanding of our parents as a "whole" because we were never in the "era" where they lived -- and of course vice versa. but for a start, we can somewhat understand the why's and the hows. it is only when we can finally say that we are able to reconcile our differences with them.
• China
27 Aug 07
Maybe we sometimes can't understand why they do something,but what they do for us is always good for us. there is no parent want to make their chilren a daughter or a son,we may have a higher education than our parents,we may find their mind is wrong in this time,we often can't be understood about the mordern ideas we take,but we can always pursue to understand them.The most importance is to listen. The misunderstand always happened because the lack of myself my parents are always my friends.we used to be talking always about my school,my classmates,and of cause their things in the company also.But since i left the hometown to Shanghai to study i had only the holidays to be beside them. i always missed them,so when i was at home,i spent as much time as i could to consort with them. now i work in shanghai,the holiday is so short that i can't often go home,i feliciate that i had so much time with them before,but always i still miss them so much. So if you live with them,please cherish the time and consort with them.You can't find anybody else who can love you more than them!Don't complain the misunderstand any more,you must try your best to understand them.Make friends with them,it will be easier.
@lilaclady (28226)
• Australia
23 Aug 07
No I think it is hard as childen are only thinking of today, they don't really have the future in their sights, thay are not aware what is ahead, I guess they are so busy learning what they are being taught naturally they just live in a sort of selfish little bubble, and parents who know what is ahead tend to be too careful with them.