Design Vs SEO: Which is more important to your website

August 23, 2007 1:39am CST
Working on a client's website, the problem of design vs SEO has come to haunt us in a big way. Great design elements like text graphics and flash are SEO unfriendly, and great SEO layouts are hair-raising ugly. What is more important to you? SEO or design?
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• South Africa
23 Aug 07
Why do great SEO layouts have to be "hair-raisingly ugly"? You can design a great website that is both SEO friendly and well designed. Besides being SEO unfriendly Flash is also often user-unfriendly as much as many webmasters like to use it - some people do not have the ability to use Flash on their browser (or choose not to) and it also does not make for a great accessible website for some people with disabilities. Focus on using graphics and great content to create a well designed website instead of just going for all the fancy gimmicks, it can be done and has been done many times before. Both SEO and design are equally important - without SEO you don't get the visitors to your website, without good design you don't convert them to paying customers, there needs to be a good balance.
• Bulgaria
1 Sep 07
I totally agree with you. Flash is overused. And the worst idea is to have all your site in Flash - of course, without any HTML version of it. Probably using text menus instead of images is a design tradeoff but text navigation is really important for SEO.