Robben to join Real Madrid

August 23, 2007 3:52am CST
Chelsea have just agreed a adeal to sell Arjen Robben to Real Madrid for an undisclosed fee. Tell me what do you think about the loss of Robben to the team? Do you think Chelsea will struggle without him or do you think they will be better off with out him? What do you think of the contribution he made to the team? Was he a success at Chelsea or was his stay hampered by injuries? Also do you think Chelsea will now use the money to sign the highly rated daniel alves or do y ou think they should target a different player before the transfer window? Just a few questions let me know what you think
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@tomysole (457)
• United States
24 Aug 07
I think it was great business to off load Arjen for more than 20 million pounds. We almost doubled our money and sold him to a foreign league where at the very most we will only meet in Europe. He is majorly injury prone as well and although he is a brilliantt player when fit, Florent Malouda look almost just as impressive and is a heck of a lot stronger than Robben and more fit for the Premier league. Over all I think we did excellent business for once and we are finally thinking like a business and a football club. We now should concentrate on building a more solid defence and get things back to how they used to be a few seasons ago. Remember when we wouldn't conceed a goal in a few matches? Now it seems we conceed every match.
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24 Aug 07
I agree he was a very good player but i just worry he may come back to haunt us in Europe. Chelsea also signed a right back from barca yeaterday, a brazilian named Belleti, but at 31 i worry that His best may be behind him as he was only a reserve at barca. I think they should have gone for some one younger and made a renewed bid for alves or even a fresh bid for young micah richards who was one of the few players to show his quality against Germany for the English National Team, he would definatly tighten up our defence
@tyf1112 (153)
• China
24 Aug 07
I guess the more money the blow the better but damn robben wasn't getting any valuable time with chelsea So I would say it's a good move.
@tute_cute (317)
• Indonesia
23 Aug 07
I love real madrid too much and i hope robben will give best contribution to this team and i think robben will try hisbest to real madrid.......
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@mrdinesh (109)
• India
3 Sep 07
Chelsea is not going to lose anything but has got only to gain money, Since Chelsea started investing in a fresh talented players like Pizzaro, which is going to prove decisive in long term. But on the other hand Real's got an arsenal in its armory with Robben joining them.
25 Aug 07
I think Chelsea would struggle on the flanks and they are gonna regret the move. Robben is a fantastic winger and he creates moves like no one else. Mourinho never liked him from the first time and as much as I think he is a top manager, I think in this case he blundered.