How do you tell if your nose is broken?

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August 23, 2007 5:33am CST
My little boy fell and hit his nose. It bled for few minutes. Not pouring or anything, just bleeding. I dont think his nose is broken, but I'm not sure. Is there any way to really tell? I called my hubby at work and he said that if it was broken that it would be pouring blood and that my little boy would still be crying. My hubby's daddy used to b a cop and his mom an emt, so I know that he knows what he's talking about. I just want some outside advice.
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@sharone74 (4838)
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31 Aug 07
Your hubby probably had his nose broken once or twice, the info that he gave you is correct. The nose will bleed like a flood if it is broken, and the trouble will be bringing the blood under control. The nose, if you grasp it by the very tip, will wiggle along the bridge if you gently manipulate the nose while holding the tip. Also if it is broken it would be extremely swollen both inside and out and he would not be able to breathe through his nose at all. He would also have two very colorful black eyes. So you probably will get him back up on his nose again fairly quickly with little or no harm done.And there is nothing wrong with getting a few dozen second opinions if this is your first child.
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25 Nov 08
sharone74(1971)... you don't know what your talking about!! You don't have to have blood flooding out of your nose or black eye's and it doesn't have to be extremely swollen. It can still be broken even without(all your descriptive bullshit!!!)it doesn't have to have any bleeding, black eyes, or extreme swelling!!! You can have only slight swelling and it can still be broke. Your best bet is to have a doctor(X-ray) check if it is broke,
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23 Aug 07
I broke my nose when I was about 10 and there was no bleeding. I had to be x-rayed. My brother had a broken nose. It was very badly broken, laying over and needed to be packed and splinted...lots of blood with that one! Later when a plastic surgeon did some work for me, he could not believe that my nose had been broken. In the cold weather and when my nose gets accidently hit, I can tell it was broken. Good luck.
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20 Sep 11
well i ran in to a kids head wen i was playing football and i had my hands over my nose 4 10 seconds and the blood was all over my hands and driping on the ground and it got realy swelled up and looks kinda crooced does that mean it broken _britbrat