How to Heal Using Scrapbooking: Part 1: Divorce

United States
August 23, 2007 8:35am CST
We all have had some hard times, going through a divorce is one of the hardest. Sometimes, it's easire to just throw away those old pictures of a young, smiling couple in the garbage, or set them on fire! It's easier to try to keep busy and try to keep our minds off of the bad things and try to move on. But, it's alot harder than that. You spend how many years with this person? How many times did that person tell you they would love you forever? How many promises did that person break and how many lies has that person told you? It's easire to not think about it, and then cry yourself to sleep every night. But ignoring it, ignoring your feelings is not going to help. Sometimes, you have to face things head on in order to move on. That's what I did. When you scrapbook, people have a tendancy to scrapbook only the happy moments, birthday parties, vacations, holidays ect... But what do you do, when you sit down with that big shoe box full of photo's that have wonderful memories of someone you now hate, miss, love, or caused you great pain. Do you really want to throw away those happy memories, even though it ended horribly? The best thing to do, for YOURSELF, is to scrapbook those photo's. Go ahead, take all the time you want to. Don't start until you are ready to. Then, when you are ready, go for it. Journal the stories behind the photo's, and go ahead and journal your true feelings about those pictures as you are looking through them right now. Get those feelings out, put them on paper, tell your love story how it once was, and go ahead and tell how it ended and how you feel about it now. When you are done, you simply close the book, and you never open it again. You closed that chapter in your life, and now it's finally time to move on.
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