Helping Others

United States
August 23, 2007 1:55pm CST
Quite a lot of discussions about helping others. What I am talking about is a little different, perhaps. 1 - Allow some one to come into a line of traffic in front of you. 2 - Help an elderly person put his/her groceries in the back of their car. 3 - Speak kindly to a sales clerk who has been rude to you. Ask them if they have had a particularly hard day. 4 - Pick someone in a public place, perhaps in front of you or behind you in a line and say something encouraging. Perhaps pick an encouraging scripture like Rev. 21:4 which speaks of an end to suffering and share it with this person. 5 - Visit a nursing home and ask the nursing station if there is anyone there who never gets visits. You will be surprised how many there are. These are just five examples. You can probably think of hundreds. Each of these costs no money, only time. Even children can be taught to do this and the result to their leading a life of service to others, they will be happier than most who only want to serve themselves.
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• India
28 Feb 08
helping others as they deserves. What i mean to say here is a person who is always open to help others in one way or the other without intentionally finding a cause to help someone,For example : 1 - You are traveling in a bus and heard a person unable to bear a ticket and you buy a ticket for him 2 - Feel free to help a blind person to cross the road especially when you are in a hurry in a situation where there is no traffic.
• China
24 Aug 07
I think when a person helps others,he/she will get the same feeling.It will make the person get some satisfaction. We should isue this.
• United States
23 Aug 07
I always try to be nice to the sales person because I've been on the other side. It's usually customers that piss 'em off. And from experience; people really shouldn't b*tch/complain at the cashier at Wal-Mart. It's not their fault there's not enough help, it's two reasons why there aren't enough at WalMart. 1. BigWigs at Wal-Mart changing way too many things about Wal-Mart. 2 The managers are trying to keep as little people in the store as possible to keep the payroll down. Complain to Bentonville. The cashiers can't force someone to stay nor can they force someone to apply.