Does anyone know when the new season is supposed to start???

@racheld (840)
United States
August 23, 2007 2:51pm CST
I'm dying to see the new season of One Tree Hill but I haven't heard anything about what to expect or when its coming back on. Have any of you guys?
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29 Nov 07
I have heard that the season is starting January 8, 2008 on the CW. You are also supposed to go to to check out everyone's blogs to get up-to-date on their lives so that you are not lost once the season begins - CANT WAIT!!!
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1 Dec 07
@galil11 (14)
18 Sep 07
i think it will be january next year?? or november this year. but it will be the future.. they are finished with college. and i think lucas will be a writer and peyton a bad girl.. hahahah..
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20 Sep 07
Yeah, and Lucas and Peyton are not suppose to be together. Lucas is going to be with some chick named Lindsay. I heard that Dan is suppose to be in an insane asylum and planning to escape. That could be interesting. I know that Haley might be a sub at TREE HILL HIGH SCHOOL, and Nathan's dreams to be become a NBA star doesn't happen. Lucas is suppose to be writing is second book and becomes the coach for TH Ravens, which I think sounds exciting. TTYL
@crystal8577 (1466)
• United States
31 Aug 07
I see you got your answer. I will have to check out the diaries. I am disapppointed since all of my other shows ended last year. This is the only one I really have left unless they bring October Road back. I hope they are doing the right thing by fast forwarding those 4 years.
@brandy78 (159)
• Canada
10 Oct 07
oh I really hope they bring back October Road.. i just got into it at the end.. Totally agree with the One Tree Hill comments that is my favorite show... the diary thing doesn't sound as good as it usually is.. oh well.. anyone into gossip girl yet.. I really like that one..
@guss2000 (2233)
• United States
24 Aug 07
Well, I was wanting to know the answer to this myself, so I decided to do some searching. I'm disappointed. Apparently, the new season won't start until January 2008-- and it will be a fast forward 4 years late. Suppoisvly, online diaries will be avaialble in September. I'm really mad! I thought the show would be starting in September, and now it's not. That's two shows that I have lost now, Gilmore girls and this one. I'm running out of favorite shows!
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27 Nov 07
I agree! I was VERY upset when I found out Gilmore Girls was coming to an end! I have watched it since the beginning and Loved it! Alexis bledel and Lauren Graham are my two all time favorite actresses! I love them love them love them!
@nichole1983 (1187)
• Canada
12 Dec 07
kick off here in canada / states is starting jan 2, 2008 i havent heard too much about what is all going on.. just that its 5 years later and haley is a teacher.. lucas is a coach at a college and well thats basically it what i heard
@xenybb (168)
• Philippines
21 Nov 07
huuhuhu, i really want to see them again especially my idol brooke. i just felt am like her. ( not about her pretty face :)) but being her .hheheh, anyway have u seen the season 3?
@ashmin (175)
• United States
18 Nov 07
if you go to the CW website at you will notice a little Fast Forward link that basically give you information (well little video clips) of all the main characters and where they are today. At this rate they are adding one a week and the last time I checked Brooke and Lucas both have theirs up. THe show is going to start in January and will have 22 episodes, that means no reruns! THats a great thing when you think about it. By the way October Road starts this week :D
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26 Sep 07
Yeah, I was wondering this too, because I have been seeing all of the other shows showing their season premiers and nothing about OTC. Its good to know that it will be starting in January, though it seems so far away. Between OTC and Gilmore GIrls, those are my favorites. But I really hope it's not a mistake jumping ahead like that. But I see what they mean with it kind of seeming like all repeating itself. Will have to wait and see I guess..
• Canada
22 Sep 07
One tree hill is coming back in january 2008
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18 Sep 07
OTH is returning January 2, 2008....Can't wait for new discussions
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12 Sep 07
I'm actually moving to the Wilmington, NC area...where they film One Tree Hill. I have heard they are currently filming and plan to be on the air in Jan. 2008. I'm going through the process of trying to become an extra on the show. It's really cool to visit all the places where they film the show. It's crazy though because they portray Tree Hill to be a small town, but Wilmington is huge! I just hope this upcoming season will be worth the wait!
@Trace86 (5033)
• United States
24 Aug 07 On May 17, 2007, The CW announced that the show would return for a fifth season, but as a mid-season replacement. The show will be "dramatically retooled and set four years into the future - after the characters have already graduated from college." Until the show's return to the schedule, the network has plans to post diaries online to fill in the intervening years in the characters' lives. The fifth season began shooting on July 29, 2007. Dawn Ostroff confirmed on July 20, 2007 that One Tree Hill has a 22-episode order.[1] Hilarie Burton confirmed on TRL that the show's fifth season will focus on their lives after college, citing the reason for this as: "We've seen the High School dramas not do so well while they're in college, and another thing, we've done everything that everyone does in college". She said this will "enable them to do flashbacks and a lot of cool stuff with the characters". [edit] Characters