Weather advisory are good for you, bad for your tv!!!

@vivasuzi (4127)
United States
August 23, 2007 7:29pm CST
I just had my first official weather advisory in my new neighborhood. It happened while I was DVRing Big Brother and a movie on another channel.... So this new advisory basically interrupts the show, puts the show off the air for a couple minutes. Then it goes back to the show. This repeats every 5-10 minutes. and what happens to your dvr??? Well at first it looked like I had lost most of the show and most of the movie as well... but at closer look, it had DVRed it all in pieces! I had an 8 minute piece of Big brother, followed by a 2 minute piece of my movie, and this pattern continued for awhile. Basically, it seems I have the whole show in pieces. My question is and always will be, why do they interrupt my show? Isn't it good enough to show the msgs on the bottom of the screen? Isn't that large icon covering half of my tv showing the storm map enough? Doesn't the fact that I'm watching TV mean that I'm home and not outside!!! Ok, just a little venting :) I know it's for our good that they show the advisory, I just wish it was less of an interruption. My old cable company had a service where they would flash on the screen "turn on channel 9 for weather advisory alert!!" So if you really wanted to interrupt your show, you could turn to that channel and see it, but if you didn't care, or you already knew about it, you could stay on your show and feel fine. What do you think? Are they good or bad? Does yours work to ruin your shows like mine does?
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@AmbiePam (57637)
• United States
29 Aug 07
I don't have a DVR, but my programs are interrupted frequently, especially in this tornado weather. I'm like, can't you just run something at the bottom so I can watch my show? If it is more than 20 miles away from me, I don't want to know! And I've taped on the VCR a long time ago, and I think I'm getting my show, but nope, just a bunch of weather talk about a storm that never happened.