Which wonder amoung seven wonders would you consider as best and why

The highest of highest - Jesus Christ - The Chirst views all
@SHAMRACK (8521)
August 24, 2007 2:00am CST
Christ the redeemer the statue in Brazil, I too give this as the best in wonders of world. Also other wonder are better but I would opt for this human made wonder. It is really worth to view those beauty of this statue.
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• Malaysia
24 Aug 07
The Leaning Tower of Pisa - Located at Pisa, Italy. And amazing architectural and structural; weird design.

The Little Me,
Today, archaeological evidence reveals some of the mysteries that surrounded the history of the Wonders for centuries. For their builders, the Seven Wonders were a celebration of religion, mythology, art, power, and science. For us, they reflect the ability of humans to change the surrounding landscape by building massive yet beautiful structures, one of which stood the test of time to this very day. FOE ME, I CHOOSE FOR The Leaning Tower of Pisa. It triggered my mind for its firm standing on earth, the man made of amazing architectural and structural design; weird design.