Is it true?

August 24, 2007 3:48am CST
My dad saw me feed my dogs at noon time which he only feeds in the morning.He kinda reprimanded me for feeding them in the evening.I told him that dogs should be at least fed twice a day.He said that dogs should only be fed once.It's also being done to k-9 dogs.I don't believe that.Is it true in your country?Share your opinions and what country are you in.
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• Malaysia
24 Aug 07
hi, i'm from malaysia. well i normally feed my puppy twice a day as they need more food n suplement in order to be stronger and healtier. and once a day for adult dog. it's just in my opinion. not really sure how it really should be...
@thefortunes (2368)
• Netherlands
24 Aug 07
Hi kat_princess here in The Netherlands we feed dogs also twice a day, but I know of some people who swear by once a day like your dad does.It could be that the dogs were used to get once a day since they were little, but i am really not sure how come thatthere are differences. Will be interested to read the replies of others in regards as well.