Are you a neat person or a messy one?

August 24, 2007 11:37am CST
Honests answers please! I am not overly neat or overly messy. I think I'm the neatest person in my house. I guess I'm in the middle. And in my mess I'm orderly. The reason is that if I put it away some place, I forget where is it and I need to search for it. However, only my table where I'm working is really messy. The rest is the rest. How about you? Are you messy or neat?
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@Anniedup (3652)
• Richards Bay, South Africa
25 Aug 07
I am a neat freak. I am a very organized and neat person. Not necessarily very popular among my family and friends, but I believe in the saying "next to cleanliness is next to Godliness"
@faith210 (11232)
• Philippines
24 Aug 07
Hi carolline_c! I guess, I am just in the middle too. I do clean the house everyday and fix and arrange everything but at the end of the day, everything seems to be disorganized again so, I just let it be sometime. I guess, it is because my hubby works at home most of the time and he just love to see all of of his files, drawing materials, etc. on the table and he tells me that the mess inspires him to be more creative. LOL! Take care and have a nice day!
@TerryZ (22082)
• United States
24 Aug 07
Hi carolline! I would have to say Im a neat person. I like things where they should be because they are easier to find.LOL Im not a fanatic thou! I sometimes will leave things out of place for a day or so but then It will start to bother me and I will straighten up and put a smile on my face.LOL Now my husband on the other hand is not so neat.But I think he is learning Ive noticed he doesnt leave things around as much. He knows I will either through it out or put it somewhere he cant find it.heheheheheh
@vinzen (1022)
• India
24 Aug 07
Thats an honest answer. Yes i am fairly neat, though at some places i am messy too. Its just that i do try to keep the place clean, but have so many other things in hand, that i dont get the time to keep clearing the mess, specially in those messy areas. But i do make sure my work place and the main areas of the house are always clean. And its on weekends that the whole mess gets cleaned up and looks neat and tidy too. So i think its a combination of both the things for me. It happens with some people that, they like the mess they have, specially if its the mess that they have on purpose, and if that is cleaned up and the place is tidy, they find themselevs feel out of place. Yes, this happens, as i have a cousin of mine and he just cannot work if the area is too clean and loves his messy room, so no one cleans his room. And if we do, he will fight with us for doing so. And hes able to find his things himself with the mess around . At times that happnes with me too, to be honset, that if some area is left messy, i alone know where i have put a particular thing, and if that area is cleared, that thing is never found. Its like looking for a needle in a haysack, but we do manage to find it within that mess too. Anyways, in short i am a combination of keping nad having a 80% neat place, but a few areas are messy and are tidied up on weekends or holidays when i have more time to devote to it.
@theprogamer (10539)
• United States
24 Aug 07
I'm half and half. I can keep rooms and general areas at my workspace tidy. I also clean up after myself constantly. The other half is some of my storage use. Its got some organization but it could be better, believe me.