Our forefathers used their common sense much more than we use?Ur opinion pls.

@humbleme (1004)
August 24, 2007 12:06pm CST
Hello friends, Our forefathers mightnot be academically educated than today's generation,but used their commonsense much more than we use ours in this generation?Do you believe that this could be one of the cause that our forefathers lived with much more peace and innocent life that we are living now?
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@Pose123 (21662)
• Canada
28 Aug 07
Hi humbleme, I agree that our forefathers used common sense, probably more then we do today. We know more today because of the advances in technology, and it is because of these very advances that things are so different today. They lived in a more peaceful and innocent age. Change must come however if we are to learn and grow. The challenge for our generation is to grow with the changes, and continue to find peace and harmony as they did in their day. Blessings.
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@janejaa (412)
• Pakistan
21 Feb 08
You are right to some extent as our forefathers did not have many fish to fry. We live in very busy era so we have to so many things in while. On the other hand, our forefathers have few activities to perform so they had much time for using their commonsense.
@humbleme (1004)
• India
21 Feb 08
Hello janejaa,Thanks for your response,yes our lives are much more complicated now with more competetions in every sectors of our life than our forefathers and they lived a much more simple and peaceful life with less demands and ambitions.Thanks again for sharing.
@manya_pearl (1903)
• Singapore
30 Mar 08
Hehe... i think yes. They are more creative and observant to the environment. I cant imagine how could Thomas alva edison have idea to create a simple lamp... Or wright brothers for simple aeroplane. I think because those time, the discoveries really honored and awarded with nobel~ the most famous award in the world. People were challenging to dig and dig things into the smallest... They were more studious and serious with what they were studying since they had lesser barrier for studying... Now, you can see many things to play from the traditional to high tech games and toys... students are more spend their time for watching tv, playing games, and internet...(and i really accept that i'm addict to internet! But of course i still force myself to study! I always send to my mom my grades... if not they probably stop my internet connection! ahahah lol!. It means, i shoul behave and manage all things! I heard, at age renaissance, people usually listened classical music. I read from many source, that classical music increase our creativity and boosting our mind... Maybe people also affected by such genre music... that kind of music is really good for baby! they said its make the baby smarter! hahahah... do you think?