What makes a good day?

August 25, 2007 12:36am CST
For some people that would be a 20% increase in sales or a day with the family and for others even just one small meal. What makes your day?
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@vinzen (1022)
• India
25 Aug 07
Togetherness. Just being with my family and near and dear ones, would make my day. I feel that everything else can be taken care of, if we have our people by our side, we are together in thick and thin. My day would be made by so many small small day to day things. Just a smile from my dear ones, a small bird sitting early morning by my window side, waking me up with its chirping, to get up and thank God for the new day hes shown me and my family, to get up in the arms of my loved one, to send off my kids to school happily and to greet them back home, to share a happy full meal with family memebers, to talk and discuss out hings. My list is endless, as these smaller things in life would make my day.I remain ever so grateful to the Almighty for the day hes given me and all that takes place in it, provided we learn to see the beauty in that day hes given us. Most of the times, we dont see that, we run after what is not there, or what should or could have been, thus spoiling our present and the moment we have in hand. We should learn to thank him for these small moments and mercies he bestows upon us each single moment. I agree that for many people, as each person is different their good day would be when they get paid, or get a raise or are gifted etc, thus the materialistic things would be the best thing in the day for them. Each person has their own choice, but i would prefer that the above, always remain to make day in future too.
@jayalaksmi (1041)
• India
25 Aug 07
My good day would be happiness for the day. I would wish to have peace, talk with my girlfriend, roam with my friends and have a enjoyable day.
@Zelmarq (12362)
• Cebu City, Philippines
25 Aug 07
A good start of the day with God's word ahead and started with a prayer. Its going to be a great day ahead with a quite time and a prayer.