Omigosh I earned SIX!!

August 25, 2007 6:09am CST
Omigosh, I earned six cents on August 2nd! *fainting dead away* I am so excited - I am going to buy something special for everyone now! LOL - sorry - I am being a jerk...just got out of the 'I hate myLot I'm leaving myLot is a scam' area of the site and I 'mis-clicked' my members area, which showed me my 'earnings.' I did earn six cents on myLot on August 02! I don't know what to think of that, actually. If I take the view of the 'myLot is a scam I'm outta here' people then six cents isn't much to worry about if I were to get out of here, right? If, on the other hand, I see myLot to be a good networking site (just as it claims to be) and a social site with some benefits (just as it claims to be), a chance to encounter interesting people (like it myLot promotes itself to be), from all walks of life and varied global regions (another thing that myLot says), then I guess I will have to stay and pick up my six cents later on when it is added to the rest of my earnings, eh? I have found a lot of good information on myLot and have added some interesting friends. I think that much too much is made about myLot pay rates. A lot of people use forums successfully in the same way that many (reasonable and non-griping) myLot users utilize the tools on the myLot site - that is - for the social interaction and social marketing value. A lot of people using the forums successfully aren't being paid to post in the forum they are using, but I rarely notice griping. I wonder if myLot has made somewhat of a mistake in advertising heavily that they are a 'paid for posting' site. Certainly the pay per post here is very moderate, but people keep showing up CONVINCED that myLot will make them rich. I dunno - I've posted enough, anyway for one evening (or early morning past my bedtime) so I will leave off now and come back tomorrow to see if anyone has responded to my post. Perhaps someone will respond with ideas about how I should spend my awesome six cents! ;) In the meantime - I'm pleased that I earned six sents on August 02, and dont' begrudge the myLot site any that the August 02 earnings weren't a million dollars! Sheesh - what would I do with a million dollars, anyway? Not a darned thing tonight, 'cos I'm off to bed!! *poof*
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