@laiza14 (593)
August 26, 2007 1:11am CST
well this is our topic in our theology class. we even get to interview people for our project regarding their faith in God. i would like to get this opportunity to ask those people who are reading this, christian or not, if they still feel the existence of God. it really would help me. thanks!
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@deebomb (15315)
• United States
24 Sep 07
This is probably too late to help with your theology clas but here goes any way. Yes I believe in God. I believe he created us and care very much for each and every one of us. He is like a parentin that if we need diciplined he will dicipline us in a loving way. he doesn't give us every thing we want but he attends to our every comfort and need. He is there to catch us when we fall. all of this depends on our being in touch with him and sometime even when we aren't. I just know that he is there for me all the time and if I listen I will be very happy.
@free2lmao (230)
• United States
26 Aug 07
yes, i have total faith in God... People always ask me how can you have faith in something you have never seen before... aparently they have no idea what faith is... faith is exactly that... in order to have faith you have to believe in something even if you have never seen it before... i mean you can really never know 100 percent because i mean part of knowing its there is seeing it... i mean faith to me isnt necessarily saying you believe over not believing... its just no doubting it... i mean there has to be some higher power in this world...and i do believe that to be God... There are alot of people that believe that if you dont believe in God then you wont go to heaven... i am not here to answer that questio because i am not God... i mean if you are a good person then i would think that you would go to heaven... i mean God forgives us for everything im sure he could forgive is for not having faith... thats just my opinion... i mean look if you are the sweetest person ever, do anything you can to help others, and things like that then are you going to hell because you dont believe in God... well, i believe in God but i dont think that heaven is all people here on earth make it out to be... i mean they havent been yet how do they really know??? And i dont think i believe in hell like with the devil down under and stuff... i think that hell is on earth and if you die and dont go to heaven then you get like reincarnared and have another chance to succeed and go to heaven...