I was wondering....

United States
August 26, 2007 1:35am CST
Hey everyone. I'm fairly new to mylot (been here about a month but inactively really until now) and I was wondering if someone could tell me how updating my profile works. As of right now it's a big empty space and I've tried updating it a few times but I can't seem to figure it out. I suppose if no one can help I just won't worry about it, but still...a profile is nice to have. I'm hoping to spend enough time on here to make my time worth it and so any help I could get on here would definitely be very appreciated. =) Also if anyone could maybe give me any posting tips for making more money...I'd definitely love that too. Heeheehee! I really don't want this site to be all about the money making because I love to make new friends and I hope I can do that here. Yet, at the same time money is always tight and if there's a way I can make a few extra bucks I'm going to take advantage of it. Who can blame me in todays society where nothing comes cheap? So, hope to be meeting and talking to people soon, and hope everyone is having a great night/day!
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