how much are foreigner interested in chinese(language)? why?

August 26, 2007 1:04pm CST
nowadays chinese is known by more and more people, it makes me wonder how much you are interested in it, do you think chinese is getting more important in future?
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• Malaysia
26 Aug 07
YES and why not?. How much interested in it will depend to Chinese people and the government. Any offering for lucrative business for sure I will go to China. Talking about future, China or Chinese has great potential for its future development. The open-sky program has been planned for 50 years future program. And you all must grab this opportunity to welcome foreign investors. If the peoples of China don't want to take grants on that benefits, how can the country can develop.
• Denmark
26 Aug 07
thanks for your great opinions, apprently the government already see that, it just takes time to make it work. hug