Green thumb

August 26, 2007 10:01pm CST
I'm not into green thumb but I observed that there are plenty of plants around us mostly weeds and plants i don't know. However, I noticed that several species grow well even if they are unattended and they even please the eyes with their varying shades of green, distinctive leaf shapes and other unfamiliar features which I can say makes the plant unique and beautiful. During rainy season, plants and weeds erupt from the soil and rock crevices. One time, i noticed three different kinds of ferns in my backyard; each have different leaves, one has plenty stems reaching two feet in height, another has about six stems but with broader leaves and another has a deep green color. Because of these attraction, I potted each one and regularly trimming the rotten leaves and the undesirable parts. Since I live in a city where flowers are plenty, I buy half a dozen of each of at least two kinds of these flowers; rose, carnation, chrysanthemum, daisies, gladiola or any available flower there is in the market. These i set in a bouquet pattern with my potted plants and it definitely adds a relaxing atmosphere in the house. From then on, I started gathering and planting different vegetation to decorate my house. Would you believe that the ginger plant can also be a beautiful indoor plant accented with even a few stems of flowers?
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