Have you ever bought......

South Korea
August 27, 2007 4:09am CST
I want to know what you think over this question, Have you ever bought a stolen item, may be knowingly or unknowingly? ok! let's say you don't know at the time you were buying the item then later you realize that was a stolen item, what will you do?
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@wotfpatty (2068)
• United States
28 Aug 07
Yep. I had a good "friend" who was into buying and selling laptops and I needed one. He asked what wanted and, in a few days, he had one for me. The price was very good and I was relieved to get it from someone I knew. When I booted it up, it seemed fine but, as I started to look through the programs, there were documents and things written by someone else. I did more investigating and that computer was a guy who worked for an insurance company's. I had his stolen laptop! I called my friend and he said, no, the guy sold it to him. I found that odd since his private documents were on there so I called the guy and sure enough, he was frantic. Someone stole his laptop with all his contacts and info on it. I explained the situation and he came and got it and tried to give me a reward but he didn't owe me a reward! I then called my friend and demanded my money back and threatened to call the police if he continued whatever he was doing. I did get my money back and he did stop selling computers and eventually we talked it over and he admitted he needed money and he would swipe the laptops from buildings after hours where his friend was a night janitor. Ugh. I lost touch with him for years and recently saw him on myspace and exchanged pleasantries and moved on.