How late do you leave your porch light on?

United States
August 27, 2007 4:21am CST
I'm really security minded, especially now that I'm a mom, so I'm always sure to turn all the outdoor porch lights on the minute it gets dark. But, lately I've been wondering if it's necessary to keep the lights on all night. Sometimes when I get up at five A.M. for water, it's almost light enough to turn them off then. Sometimes, my spouse forgets to turn them off and they are still on later in the afternoon. Perhaps I should cut them off early morning before going back to bed and save myself some money on utilities. Do you think it would be safe enough not to leave the outdoor lights on all night? What is your opinion on this?
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@KrisNY (7591)
• United States
23 Sep 07
I don’t leave mine on once we are in bed- They are left on until all 3 of us are tucked into bed. I cannot see leaving them on any longer. Security or not- I don’t want to pay the extra in the electric bill. We live in the country- and have a motion censor light- If anyone enters our driveway- on foot or in vehicle- the light goes on. This is a great security device. The light going on causes the dogs to bark!
@maddysmommy (16233)
• United States
30 Aug 07
Depending on the area you live, I would say its safe enough to leave on. I only leave it on when I am home alone with my son and my husband is away on travel. Other than that, I leave an inside lamp on or light so if my son needs to go to the bathroom then he can find his way there.
@Ravenladyj (22936)
• United States
28 Aug 07
When I lived back in Canada we'd leave the light on all night sometimes but in the area we lived it really wasnt necessary..Out here though we have the security lights on the house that are movement activated plus we have the dogs so its not an issue with us.... I would say that whatever makes you feel most safe and comfortable is what you need to do...What WE think isnt important, its your comfort level that is..why not try getting the motion lights?
• Canada
28 Aug 07
I live in an area where we don't worry about such things but something you might want to look into if this is a concern of yours would be to get one of the lights that are powered by solar this way it would come on itself when it was getting dark but would shut itself off when the sun starts to come up , saving you money on your electric bill . I am not sure how much they cost but know this is the kind of light my mom and dad had outside when I was growing up .
@jbb316 (1779)
• United States
28 Aug 07
I never have my porch light on. The light attracts bugs and when I open the door the bugs will come in. I hate bugs so I don't turn my porch light on. Plus I really don't feel like we need the porch light on. There is a street light not far from my house so there is a little light in my yard.
@academic2 (7009)
• Uganda
27 Aug 07
I sleep very late generally and the earliest time I get to bed is 1 AM in the morning,but my lights go off immediately am in bed and once it is off it usually remins off unti morning! The only lights we leave on are outdooe lights for security reasons!
@lilaclady (28236)
• Australia
27 Aug 07
I just recently had sensor lights put in so when someone comes near my back door or front door they come on automatically , but you are right you do have to be careful.