Why does God give us free will?

@lena2000 (2392)
August 27, 2007 7:53am CST
I believe it is because He wants us to seek Him. He doesn't want slaves, He wants servants. What scriptures support free will?
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• Philippines
31 Aug 07
God want our own decision. and yes he want us to seek him, to pray for him, to call out his name and to praise him when we have our blessing. He wants servants, because he is the king and he gave us our lives. I do not know about the scripture that says about free will, i hope you can find it on other responses.
@free2lmao (230)
• United States
27 Aug 07
Well, I think that God gives us free will because he wants us to make our own choices in life. If he didn't give us the power to do so then what would we have. That is what is great about life that you can make your own choices. If we didn't have the power to make our own choices then we would never make mistakes and we would never know what it was like to make them. Then nobody would ever have any problems and people would think that they were perfect. We would have a world full of conceited people who were selfish and didn't want to dp anything fo anybody. They would think that everything was supposed to be handed to them on a silver platter. They would never have to think about what choices to make and what things to take into consideration. God gave is free will so that we could live life and learn from our mistakes. If we didn't have free will then we would all like live in a box. Everyone would have the same standards. Everyone would do the same things. And personalities wuold not be the same. It would kind of be like everybody was the same. You know God gives as free will to do what we want but I really think he does this as a test to see who will do the right thing and who wont. So, don't take advantage of it just know that it didn't have to be this way. Make the best of it. I know people will make mistakes in life. I mean that is the beauty of all this to know that nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. Nobody is better then anybody else we all are equal in this world. And we all can learn from one another and we all can learn from oursleves. The world is made up of alot of different people going throught alot of different things. Some may have it worse then others. But our job is to be there for one another. The true test of a lifetime... But I mean you cant change ones mind but you can give people advice but they will only take it if they want o and truly want to help themselves. You might meet someone who will change your life once but you will always keep that person in your heart. You are lucky to have this life you live and the power to control it... So, just know you have it good and its better to have made mistakes and learned from them then to have never made them and thin that you are perfect... because in this world you will learn you can make it by just being you nobody is better then the rest... Some may get it better or easier but I think that the ones who have to try the hardest are the ones who have the more important things in store for them... God is getting you ready for what your life has in store for you. He may throw extra things in your path. But its all worth it in the long run.
@soadnot (1606)
• Canada
27 Aug 07
the omnipotent god cannot co-exist with free will.
@joshboz (1209)
• Australia
27 Aug 07
i think you are certainly right i think the same way. i always ask god this question when im i am facing difficulties. you see, God wants to test us, he only welcomes those who will accept him here and try to find him rather than obliging everybody that we should. you can see right now that we have many religions, we dont know which one is really the true one that lead us to the real God but me as a christian i believe in God. for me, he is just like the wind which we cannot see yet very essential for us. so its really a test of fate that we have a free will and god loves us so much. i dont know any passge that supports it my friend sorry for that.