Signed up today,,,

August 27, 2007 3:15pm CST
Im waiting for an update on my earnings, any ideas on how much you get per post?
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@foxyfire33 (10007)
• United States
27 Aug 07
Welcometo mylot holtinator! The earnongs are updated every 24 hours approx. The site is base on US central time so a pay period starts and ends at midnight their time. The earning for that time period are updated within 8-12 hours after it ends. The pay scale is a complicate thing that administration would rather we didn't try to figre out. I can say that longer, quality discussions and responses will pay more than one line discussions and responses. Even 3-4 lines per post can make a noticeable difference in pay. I have heard of users earning less than $.01 per post and others who have gained as much as $.10 per post. So the basics to sucess in mylot are to type longer posts on topics that are worthwhile, respond to other sers discussions using the "respond" btton, comment on responses to your discussions by using te "comment" buton, make friends with users who have similar interests as you, and use the rating buttons (+-!) beside each discussion and response wisely. The really important thing is to follow the guidelines always! If you are unfamiliar with them you can find the link in blue letters a the bottom of every page. Violations often get reported which can result in deletions. If it was a response of yours that gets deleted you will lose a post number and money. If an entire discussion of yours gets deleted, you will also lose the post number and money but so will every single user who responded to you. If you ever have any questions feel free to ask, there are a lot of helpful people here that would be glad to give you answers.
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27 Aug 07
Well i would really like to thank you for such an in depth answer!!! just one more question, is posting the only way you can get money? oh yah, and maybe one more question... the staff here at mylot must read every post to credit you for such high quality and low quality posts, am i correct? Again, thanks!
@burcun (504)
• Turkey
27 Aug 07
Hi, and welcome on mylot. Update earnings every 24 hours. About the earnings they give for per post , I am not sure because it depends on quality but it's like discussion 0,05 and responce 0,01 I am not sure but something like that. Welcome again.
27 Aug 07
@mistissa (1350)
• Netherlands
27 Aug 07
They update the earnings every 24 hours, and it looks like nobody really knows how much you get per post. It all depends on how good of quality your post was. By the way, welcome here ;-)
27 Aug 07
Well, thanks for such an in-depth answer! So does that mean they go and read every single post to see the quality of them?