Teacher's day is coming again.

August 28, 2007 11:27am CST
As teacher's day is drawing near, does it remind you of any teacher that has impacted your life and changed your life? When I was in my primary education, one of the teachers did impact me. It was fun learning from her. Although we were not a very good class but she encouraged us a lot and she sees us as a valuable stone that needs to be polished to see the diamond. Today, I am a teacher for almost 10 years. I started out and decided to be a teacher was due to the thought that I wanted to be a teacher like her. It is definitely tough to be a teacher nowadays but I do hope to stay on and endure the constant change in education and focus on the main task to educate the future generation. Did any teacher impact you positively in the past? Share it in this discussion as teacher's day is drawing near.
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28 Aug 07
My second grade teacher was awesome. I don't remember much about my other grades, but I remember it was so much fun being in Ms. Baker's class. We always had a way to interact with teh story we were reading. She made math hands on, too! I miss her. Alhtough, it may be because of her I want to teach the second grade.