LOve Truly

August 28, 2007 12:13pm CST
I searched for true love and its purity yet I am confused if this is what I long for. The warmth of your touch and the kisses seem untrue. Your kind words and the way you gaze at me seems incomplete. What am I looking for? There is always an uncertainty inside me yet I try to convince myself that its for real. I am happy yet why does it seem so hard to smile. I yearn for love that is pure, made in Gods love for it will last a lifetime. It is what I need. But in loving I fall in deep sadness and confusion. I ignored his presence and the voice he gave me for my guidance. I'm incomplete and the reason for this is my weakness in loving too much. I learned to give up my beliefs just for love. But I can't be truly happy because I lost a part of me. What is love then? All I want is to love and be with the person who has fear with the Lord. It's hard for him to do this but I want to be with that person. I have loved and it is so hard for me to move on. I don't know how I survived but my Lord is my refuge. Love can make you smile and can make you cry yet you still continue to love. Love equals pain. You give that someone the permission to hurt you in any ways once you love. It is amazing how couples survive after a great storm. Love conquers everything. Even the whole being of the person and the sacrifice you make when you love. The color of love and the beauty it gives to everybody. The pain and the hurt you bear seems impossible to carry. You become a strong person and making you realize that you can be happy by yourself. It is a risk to love and to say yes. The great feeling you can have when you love is incomparable. I can say I cherish all the memories I have with you. The good ones and the tragic parts I have kept it in me. I have learned to love truly. My ability to love fully I have shared it with you. No regrets but lessons to be learned. The things I tried to forget slowly fades away. I want to be happy and to love is a choice. I have a choice.
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@saucer (47)
• India
22 Oct 07
"no regrets but lessons to be leared",its were sum real gud word i marked frm ur note...allthought wat i conclude from it is that u've trusted love too much,dont knw tht wat all have u gone thru n all,bt love is sumthg at the extremity of desire,its just a feeling,no compulsion,no orders n no expectations.....wel cant say too much coz its sumthg no one has ever known completely but it is wat i know abt love....the most beautiful feeling,to love and to be loved//
• India
28 Aug 07
This is the same thing even i think... Actually people think at most times that attraction to their opposite counterparts is LOVE. But in most cases this proves to be Wrong.. I do not know exactly the meaning of love but i can definitely say that it is nothing less than the MOTHER'S LOVE......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!