Three year olds and the internet.

United States
August 28, 2007 2:50pm CST
I have a three year old who loves to play on the internet. Her favorite site is nick jr. She is on it quite a bit. But she is playing hings like matching shapes and learning to put things in order, colors, alphabet and number games. This is great learning but I can help but wonder is it bad for her? Does it teach less or more because its the internet? I know there has been alot of hype about kids and too much internet and tv. When is it too much? Is there only a limit when its surfing the net and not learning? Does it make a difference? Do you have a child who plays on the net? What are your limits on it?
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29 Aug 07
well haha its not like we got her on myspace yet. lol. or mylot. but i mean she does do really good on the blues clues matching shapes things. haha... shes better than me half the time. haha shes the one that taught me how to play most the games on those siters. haha. but i mean come on look at ray ray too. dang. all the kids in this damn world are just way too flippin smart anymore...
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8 Jan 08
I now right.
@uath13 (8206)
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28 Aug 07
So long as she's gettin physical activity as well its ok. The internet is actually better than TV because its interactive. They actually have to participate & think instead of just watch. I haven't set any specific limits I just kick them off when I feel its been long enough.
• United States
28 Aug 07
I completely agree that it is better than tv. Thank you for your input.
@gkurt08 (233)
• Philippines
9 Jan 08
Children should not be allowed too much time playing on the internet. As impressive as those games you mentioned are, a 3-year-old still needs to develop body coordination. Matching blocks using a mouse is not as good as playing the same game with actual blocks where her coordination is more developed. Buy her real toys and it will help her develop bones and joints. Plus, radiation is bad for her...