which manure has got the most nitrogen in it?

August 28, 2007 3:16pm CST
i always put manures in my garden.but recently i found that these are not doing any good to my plants.i think they are lacking nitrogen.can anybody suggest any manure which have more nitrogen content? also i wanted to know which flowers grow easily in little sunlight?
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@xfahctor (14128)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
28 Aug 07
My understanding is that chicken pooop is the hightest in nitrogen, almosty too high i guess. As far as flowers that grow well in shade. Astlbe, violets, forgetmenots, primrose, lilly of the valey, foxglove, there are a lot of them
• India
29 Aug 07
thanks xfahctor for your suggestions.i will try the chicken pooop one.and i will see if i can find the plants you have mentioned.
@tines2512 (326)
• Philippines
2 Sep 07
I am also interested with planting plants I usually make use of soil that is from which I burn our garbage. I think that was an effective for my plant because they grow so well. Maybe you could try this one.You would noy need to buy any fertilizer at all.
@dbhattji (2507)
• India
29 Aug 07
I prefer the natural fertilizer with earthworm - it is healthy and more eco-friendly.