Do you bother with minimal-return earning schemes like paid surveys?

Hong Kong
August 28, 2007 9:53pm CST
There are too many ways to make money online. Let's face it, anybody can do it. More and more I come across blogs where people are bragging about making $7 filling out paid surveys or reading emails. Do you do any of these things? I think they are pointless. The only way these schemes can be of benefit and worth your time is if they have referral programs, but even then, you need to have tons of referrals. I'm amazed so many people waste their time with these things when they could be doing something constructive, like writing decent blog posts or learning to Photoshop or something. What do you think?
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@tihsur (112)
29 Aug 07
i wont say you are wrong but i wont say that earning from home is an waste of time, people is earning fortune from that. I can give you a list of people earning more then 1000 USd a month. how they do it- i dnt not know. but they are doing it and thats is a fact.
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@ranitam22 (1147)
• United States
14 Sep 07
I have been doing paid surveys for years and it's not the point of getting $7 for taking a survey. Some of the surveys are actually pretty interesting and I have gotten a lot of products in the mail to test out and keep for free. Those surveys also add up in the long run and any money is better than no money. It also depends which survey company you are a member of...some of better than others. You don't want to join the ones where you are taking surveys for a lot of sweepstakes entries. I like paid surveys and I'm sorry you haven't had a good experience. I've make $100 for one survey. It just depends. Most of them are about $1-$10 though.
@snowflake5 (1579)
• United States
6 Sep 07
You are right - some of the sites pay poorly. However, other sites pay pretty well. It all depends. YouGov is a pretty decent survey site if you are in the UK or USA (see my blog, which you can access from my profile). Similarly Globaltestmarket. The best way to make money online is actually doing sponsored blogging. But you need to work hard and set up a decent and interesting blog first.
@eliezl (766)
• Philippines
30 Aug 07
you have just made a very gooood point. its true. earning here is very slow pace ive got to admit but there are also some people here who enjoys what they're doing here...but i don't exactly believe in earning millions here. i for one is far from 1 dollar hehehehe =) it doesnt hurt to try these one though while doing something constructive. im learning photoshop and improving my skills in web designing. what i like about here though is the interactivity. the sharing. and through here, we gain many knowledge and information although i have to admit that some of these discussions are already redundant. but its sometimes fun though to voice out loud or rather write it in a paper our thoughts that comes from our wandering mind. at least were getting paid even to the useless topic we get hehehehehe =)
@academic2 (7009)
• Uganda
30 Aug 07
I find the same problem vanalli, without referrals, you cant earn much-imagine just how much I have posted in mylot, if I had 100 referrals working as hard as i am, then i would be seeing substantial ammount of money! But some of these surveys are done as a past time for no serious earning intentions, some do it out of curiousity as they wonder wether money indeed can be made on the net. I have been wondering, have you found something better than paid surveys? Please share those sites with me.
@crazed_moma (1054)
• United States
30 Aug 07
I do mysurvey when I have time but not so much like I did when I first started with them... They do have a referral program but I've gotten 2 referrals the 5 years I've been a member.