Why do we always hurt the ones we love?????

August 29, 2007 12:03am CST
Whats the real sense of this???why do we hurt the ones we love...there are million reasons..why??is it because we want them to learn,to let them know how uch love we can give???can give the true answer???
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• Canada
29 Aug 07
In my view we end up hurting the ones we love for a number of reasons..the first one being because 'we do what we know.' When people have been raised a certain way they carry through that conditioning into relationships with others. People also want to change others..rather than loving and accepting them for who they are. Other times things are said when needs and expectations are not met on either side. When partners have been together for awhile they can also begin to take each other for granted. Having the courage to honest is hard for some...and so they lie, cheat or avoid confronting things as they come up. To me loving relationships require openness, trust, respect, self-responsibility...and most of all an ability to 'get over ourselves' and be a little more gentle, kind, considerate, sensitive and honoring towards those we love. If everyone could treat others as they'd like to be treated we'd find a lot less hurtful behavior every day in every way.