What time you pray?

August 29, 2007 2:22am CST
what time you pray always, or sometimes? Do you always pray after and before going to bed or going to sleep or you sleep immediately without pray. Me i always pray before and after going to sleep but all the time. For me prayer is a person's act of communion with God, or any other object of worship, and the word used. It is the natural result of a person;s belief in God. Prayer may be individual grou[p, formal spontaneous, silent or spoken. In other forms, it is a center of worship. In the narrowest sence, prayer is understood as spiritual communion for the sake of requesting something of deity. In its broadest sense, prayer is any ritual form designed to bring one into closer relation to whatever believes to be the ultimate. At the highest level, sacrifice is absorbed into prayer in the sacrificial offering of self to God through total commitment.
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