Can i ?

August 29, 2007 4:37am CST
Hello Myloters Can i sell my mylot account to anyone is it allowed by mylot or it is illegal?
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@Lifeless (2635)
• India
14 Dec 07
Hi there.. I don't think that's allowed here at mylot.. U can ofcourse take help of the mylot guys.. But I don't think they will give u any positive response.. But why do u want to sell ur account?? Let it be here.. Who's gonna tamper it anyway...
29 Aug 07
Well first of all, i dont think that is aloud... but why would someone want to buy it, when they could just sign up? But then again you do have a good rating, and someone would buy the account just for the rating... but not for much... But anyways i dont think it is aloud...
@dymezse3 (58)
29 Aug 07
it probaly is and why would u want to you still make money when it is off or your log out even dought its not a large amount of money you still making an average $1.50 a day if your in a lot of discussion.
@mistissa (1351)
• Netherlands
29 Aug 07
First of all I don't think it is allowed. And second of all why would you do that? The other person might as well sign yp themselves, or am I wrong?