Manchester United need a new coach

August 29, 2007 7:04am CST
i think alex freguson need to be replaced i know he had cone many success wit manchester united but i think his time is over so iwant to know if u agree with my opinion and who is the best person to replace alex ferguson?
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29 Aug 07
i think that Alex should stay, he is Man U, but I do believe we need to look at bringing in another striker after such a dismal start
• Macedonia
30 Aug 07
Your opinion have full support from me.I think Anelka will be good player for Mancester
30 Aug 07
Ys i think it will be interesting to see how Anelka will settle in. I am willing rooney and ronaldo back!!!
@ameyrp (252)
• Singapore
11 Sep 07
I believe sacking a man who had done a lot for the team just judging from the first 5 matches is a knee-jerk reaction. Man U are not Real Madrid where even successful coaches such as Fabio Coppell and Vicente Del Bosque can be sacked at will. It's not his fault that 2 of his important man: Rooney get injured in the first match of the season and Ronaldo get 3 matches ban. Imagine Chelsea playing without both Lampard and Drogba.
• India
3 Sep 07
i dont alex fergusson should retire just because man u have had a bad start to d season. slow start actually. but remember manu drew the first 2 matches in 1999 when they went on to win d treble. fingers were pointed at him earlier too when chelsea was dominating but he fought back with his team. i think his his retirement decision should be left to him as he knows best for d team. i'm not against having a new manager for d team but i dont think its required atlest mid season.